Apple wants its iPhone 5 back. Now.

As most of the Internet-connected world no doubt knows an Apple employee has lost another iPhone prototype in what can only be called a quasi-clever marketing plot stunning coincidence.  The folks over at Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco have “been handed” a copy of the new ad created by the Apple marketing department to help motivate the individual currently in possession of the missing iPhone to return the priceless device. Continue reading

Apple employees should take it easy on the drinks

Apple employees should take it easy on the drinks || “Apple Loses Another iPhone Prototype at a Bar, Says Report”

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iPhone next?

Forget about am ultra-thin design, extended battery life or even near field communication (NFC).  The folks at Aatma Studio have produced a slick little video of the features they think should appear in a future generation of iPhones and I tend to agree that these would certainly pique my curiosity.

Whether it is the laser keyboard, the impossibly thin design, or the holographic display I think we can all comfortably agree that these features would be significantly more than the next evolutionary step in the iPhone family tree.  That said they do represent the “art of the possible” for what’s to come.

Over 50% of all mobile media consumption comes from Android users

Over 50% of all mobile media consumption comes from Android users || “Android keeps lead over Apple on mobile network

To all the Apple fanboys and girls out there

To all the Apple fanboys and girls out there – “The iPhone Ad You’ll Never See”

Top posts for week ending 21-Aug

It seems that there is an insatiable appetite for information about my experience with the Echo smart-pen by Livescribe.  That post has been at the top of the popularity charts for the past three weeks and it looks like it might be going strong for another week or two.  Beyond that leader, the top ten chart for this week is a mixed bag of humor, gear, business, and random observations:

  1. Echo smart pen by Livescribe
  2. R.I.P.
  3. Sharpie Liquid Pencil
  4. Watch out Foursquare, Facebook Places is on the march
  5. KeyTool Keyring Multi-tool
  6. Jet powered school bus
  7. Outsourcing legal grunt work to India
  8. Pandora doesn’t make the grade
  9. Coming soon: iPhone on Verizon
  10. The science of dinosaur killing machines

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