Amazon announces new Kindles

In a press conference this morning, Amazon officially announced their new tablet – Kindle Fire.  Months of speculation – including this post by yours truly – have led up to this release by the online retail and services giant. Continue reading

90 days worth of titles

Earlier today I was reviewing the usage statistics for this blog and was struck by some of the word patterns that emerged.  Obviously when Steve Jobs announced his departure from an active management role at Apple, there were a number of posts in that vein as one would expect.  However, there were quite a few other trends so I pulled all of the posts from the past quarter and dropped the titles into Wordle to see what else would emerge. Continue reading

How does same-day delivery sound to you?

How does same-day delivery sound to you? || “Amazon goods for pickup at 7-Eleven soon?”

Soon you might see these unassuming Amazon pick-up lockers popping up at 7-Elevens around the country.  In fact, The Daily was quoted as saying:

According to a source with knowledge of the project, the idea is simple: these nondescript boxes will be in 7-Eleven stores across the country and act as a sort of P.O. box for Amazon purchases. Once a customer makes a buy on Amazon’s website he can select a 7-Eleven close to work, or on the way home and have the package dropped off there.

I think the true test will be surrounding ubiquity of the lockers, cycle time (i.e., from order placement to delivery at the locks) and the incremental premium purchasers would need to pay for the service (if at all).

Amazon closed some of the gap between Amazon Prime and Netflix

Amazon closed some of the gap between Amazon Prime and Netflix || “Amazon Instant hits 100,000 movies, TV shows”

Amazon Prime

Tablet mania makes its way over to Amazon

Tablet mania makes its way over to Amazon || “Amazon reportedly ramping up 7- and 10-inch tablets”

What will the future hold for Amazon affiliates?

Image representing Amazon as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

What will the future hold for Amazon affiliates? || “Amazon drops California associates to avoid sales tax”

Amazon’s decision to drop California-based associates is just the most recent move by the online retailer to avoid having to collect and pay sales tax.  Critics claim that Amazon’s immunity from sales tax in 49 of the nation’s states provides it with an unfair advantage over local and big-box retailers alike.  That said I wonder how many additional states will enact legislation that will force Amazon to sever ties with local affiliates and deal a direct blow to tens-of-thousands of small businesses who survive in part due to their successful relationship with the online giant.

Amazon dominates with 40% of the public cloud market

Amazon dominates with 40% of the public cloud market – “Amazon’s ‘state of the cloud’ – it isn’t stacking up”