Global cell phone usage

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On December 20th, the Pew Research Center released an insightful study (“Global Digital Communication: Texting, Social Networking Popular Worldwide”) about basic mobile phone usage across 21 countries.  When responding to the question “[o]n your cell phone, do you regularly…”   Continue reading

Location-based applications

Mobile social87.5%

Earlier this month Forrester Research announced that only 6% of U.S. mobile phone owners use a location based application although that figure is up 3x from 2% in 2010 (coincidentally Foursquare announced the day prior that their user base had grown 3x from 2010 to 15 million). That said the word is clearly getting out among mobile users.   Continue reading

American mobile application penetration


According to a report published yesterday by the Pew Internet & American Life Project (a part of the Pew Research Center), 50% of adult mobile phone owners have applications (or “apps”) on their devices.   Continue reading

WASP drone: the next chapter in cyber-terrorism

WASP drone: the next chapter in cyber-terrorism || “DIY Spy Drone Sniffs Wi-Fi, Intercepts Phone Calls”

Like all things technological in nature, the first prototypes are large and often unwieldy so it is no surprise that the Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform (WASP) drone is nearly six feet in length although it cost a mere $6,000 to build.  It can sniff and intercept Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals while simultaneously launching denial of service attacks.  I will give it less than 24 months before the same capabilities can be found in a delivery mechanism one-fifth the size with the ability to remain aloft for over three hours.  Whether it would be used for true cyber-terrorism or garden variety industrial espionage, this heralds a new era of hacking.

WASP drone

Biology makes you a slave to your mobile devices

Biology makes you a slave to your mobile devices || “Are You A Victim Of Phantom Vibration Syndrome?”

A fairly interesting piece about how we’re driven to do certain kinds of activities based on seeing other people doing those activities (i.e., seeing someone smoking makes smokers want to light up).  The most insightful portion of the article focuses in on the notion that when we’re constantly checking our devices we’re really checking out from reality:

“Apart from habit, Phantom Vibration Syndrome is also about not being fully present. As much as we all believe we’re skilled multi-taskers, for the record, we’re not. Quite simply, we’re no longer fully present. By this I mean emotionally as opposed to physically. We think we are, we think we’re participating in the conversation, but in reality, we’re not.”

Put your mobile phone away people

Put your mobile phone away people || “Study: 19 percent of people drop phones down toilet”

250 million Facebook users access the service via mobile devices

250 million Facebook users access the service via mobile devices || “Facebook launches app for ‘Every Phone'”

Facebook's new Every Phone application.