2011 holiday season discounts

Holiday shopping30%

If it seemed like retailers are filling your inbox with deeper discounts than in prior holiday shopping seasons, that’s because they are.  Based on notes released by Experian CheetahMail, a unit of Experian Marketing Services, retailers are digging deeper to offer potential shoppers attractive discounts in an effort to gain a slice of what is a doubtlessly smaller pie than in prior non-recessionary years.   Continue reading

Walmart’s global scale

Walmart store$421 billion ($421,000,000,000)

A few days ago I shared an excellent infographic about U.S. media consolidation from Jason over at Frugal Dad.  That piece did a great job of mapping out the transformation of what was once a fragmented media landscape to one dominated by only six major conglomerates.   Continue reading

How Nordstrom is staying competitive in this recession

How Nordstrom is staying competitive in this recession – “Nordstrom Links Online Inventory to Real World” http://ht.ly/2tLQu #ecommerce

Mattel’s Tommy Burst detective set

They just don’t make commercials (or toy guns) like they used to.  Have a look at the TV commercial for Mattel’s Tommy Burst detective set from the 1960s.  One thing I know for sure, for $7.00 it sure is swell:

Using Facebook to move your Etsy goods

Using Facebook to move your Etsy goods – “Facebook Application Lets Retailers Import and Sell Etsy Goods” http://ht.ly/2sduq #socialmedia