About Me

Marshall with the Stanton girlsHi and welcome to my blog.  I started writing it in earnest in March, 2010 and at the time it was mostly a classified archive of my Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts but there are a few original pieces sprinkled throughout.  Starting in 2011 I elected to focus my energies a bit more on original content.  On a related note, I use HootSuite to manage the different social media channels to which I subscribe (and do not sit in front of my computer waiting to queue the next snippet of content).

In case you were wondering about the image at the top of the page, it is a photo of The Wheel of Life sculpture from the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, Norway.  It is one of 212 bronze and granite pieces throughout the park and is as haunting as it is beautiful.  The photo was taken by me on August 18th, 2004.

Lastly, I hope very much that the origin of the title of this blog is obvious but in the event that it is not – it is the title of a poem by the late, great Robert Frost published in 1916 and is a paean to individualism.



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