Metropolitan might

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As Americans we place a lot of value on our wide open spaces and tend to ascribe values such as liberty and freedom to our ability to move around throughout this great country of ours.  We also marvel at our cities as centers of commerce, culture, and wealth – viewing them as icons of progress.   Continue reading

Walt Disney World

Disney47.3 million (47,300,000)

Based on the most recent AECOM Theme Park Attendance report, the annual attendance for the four major parks that make up the Walt Disney World totaled approximately 47.3 million for 2010.   Continue reading

From a scientific perspective, this is huge news


1,000 posts

1000On Friday, November 18, 2011 The Road Not Taken crossed the symbolic 1,000 post mark thanks to the loyal readership.  It only took 20 months or approximately 1.6 posts per day.  In honor of this dubious outstanding accomplishment, I’ve included the top 100 posts (and pages) of all time.   Continue reading

Fermilabs physicist solves airplane boarding dilemma

After watching the airplane boarding process a few years ago while on the way to a conference, Fermilabs physicist Jason Steffen thought that there had to be a better way.  After considering a variety of methods, he settled on one using an algorithm based on the Monte Carlo optimization method.

By boarding alternate rows with the window seats first, passengers minimize aisle interference and therefore the most common form of delays.  Alternating rows of middle seats follow the windows and then alternating rows of aisle seats.

Despite having published his findings in Journal of Air Transport Management in 2008, airlines have yet to adopt the “Steffen method” which could save the industry over $1 billion annually.

Amazing video from the Brooklyn Space Program

In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past 10 months (as I have been apparently) a father/son team sent a camera into space by way of weather balloon just because it was fun, a great learning opportunity, and a outstanding experience to be shared by all of those involved.  I can’t stress enough the value of these kinds of experiences as a way to connect with your children and to create a memory that will last a life time (and could potentially be passed down to their children).  If you haven’t seen this video, I encourage you to set aside seven minutes and check it out:

[Thanks Damien]

Surf an ocean of liquid metallic hydrogen on Saturn

Surf an ocean of liquid metallic hydrogen on Saturn || “8 Wonders of the Solar System, Made Interactive”


A chapter in space exploration closes with a roar

A chapter in space exploration closes with a roar || “The Last Space Shuttle Launches Safely Into Orbit”

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Two incredible & intertwined tales of adventure

Cover of "At the Mercy of the Winds: Two ...

Cover via Amazon

I just finished “At The Mercy of the Winds” by D. Hempleman-Adams. Two incredible & intertwined tales of adventure.

This is why technology continues to amaze me

Retouched versions of this picture from the ge...

Image via Wikipedia

This is why technology continues to amaze me – “Infrared satellite survey reveals 17 lost pyramids”

When you start to think about the undiscovered cultural treasures that exist under the shifting sands of a desert, at the bottom of an ocean, or lost deep within the wilds of a jungle – technology (especially satellite photography and GPS) is an absolute miracle.  Hopefully we’ll see more discoveries like this one and we will have the good sense to ensure that the gains are used to benefit to local populations, quite unlike the explorations of the 19th and early 20th centuries.