Favorite Posts

As of March 2012 this blog will be a whopping two years old.  Over that time the readership has grown steadily to the point where there are a few thousand readers each month (more than in the first nine months of the blog’s existence) from over 100 countries (only 55% of my readers are in the U.S.) and more than 1,100 posts.  Some of those posts are little more than an observation or a quote, while others attempt to provide insight and perspective into a particular subject – be it commercial, technological, or humanistic in nature.

Below are a list of my personal favorites from the past two years (or you can check out the 100 most popular posts from the first 1,000).  Please feel free to check back often for new entries.  Enjoy!

  • Google’s newly-released augmented reality initiative takes the aforementioned Corning videos into current-day reality in Geek-out Sunday part XXXI: Project Glass.  (2012-04-09)
  • A world made of glass.  For being a 160 year old manufacturer of glass and ceramics, Corning is an amazingly futuristic company.  (2012-04-04)
  • The power of words.  This video is just terrific.  (2012-02-07)
  • Great moments are born from great opportunity.  Once upon a time there was a country that grew from humble roots to become a global economic, social, and humanitarian powerhouse.  These accomplishments were driven by people who came from equally humble roots who – for the most part – created the opportunities they wanted to have in their lives.  (2012-02-02)
  • New Year’s resolutions.  I wanted to get 2012 off to a good start.  (2012-01-02)
  • Consumers’ social, local, and mobile habits.  I’m fairly obsessed with data and statistics so I jumped all over the infographic triptych that’s included in this post.  (2011-11-07)
  • So you think energy is expensive?  Although I don’t recall why precisely, I do remember being pretty “fired up” about the energy crisis when I set out to write this post.  The associated infographic had crossed my desk a few days earlier and I thought it was time to put some thought into what was concerning me about the state of the world with respect to our energy (in)dependence. (2011-11-03)
  • History and future of marketing.  I’ve spent a significant portion of my career in marketing-related roles and industries so it is only natural that I’d want to lay out a few comments on where the field has been and where it is heading.  (2011-10-21)
  • 7 billion lives.  In my lifetime I’ve seen the world pass the 4, 5, 6, and now 7 billion population milestones and will likely live to see the 8, 9, and possibly 10 billion marks as well.  It is hard not to reflect on some of the troubles that face humanity (i.e., disparity of wealth, famine, war, drought, etc.) when faced with a milestone such as this one. (2011-10-17)
  • LinkedIn InMaps.  LinkedIn Labs produced a pretty amazing data visualization tool that maps all of your contacts and any shared connections they possess.  (2011-10-07)
  • Steve Jobs, 1955-2011.  Rest in peace.  (2011-10-05)
  • Stanton’s Law of Social Interaction.  Forget the fact that I got to name a tongue-in-cheek “law” after myself.  My favorite part of this post is the quote from Nobel Laureate in Economics, Herbert Simon.   (2011-09-26)
  • Comedian and talk show host Conan O’Brien produced two hysterical parodies of Apple commercials that I featured in the following posts: Apple wants its iPhone 5 back.  Now. (2011-09-12) and Apple’s iPad 2 launch draws (hysterical) criticism (2011-03-05).  It is hard not to laugh given how self-righteous Apple can appear at times.



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