Ghostly writing with an iPad

UK-based communications agency Dentsu London and design consultancy Berg teamed up to create a series of spectral writing animations using only iPads (and a lot of hard work) as a part of their Making Future Magic project.  Check it out:

Top posts for week ending 19-Sep

Albeit a slow one, this week has been dominated by some previously popular posts from weeks gone by with the ever-popular Echo smart pen topping the list:

  1. Echo smart pen by Livescribe
  2. KeyTool Keyring Multi-tool
  3. Very interesting; recent discovery unlocks the secret
  4. FLAMMA – make a fire with only IKEA stuff
  5. The science of dinosaur killing machines
  6. Would a flying SUV help your commute?
  7. Congratulations BP on the largest oil spill ever
  8. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
  9. I don’t use these, the idea is the same
  10. 2010 list of best places to work in the Chicago area

Given the limited geographical interest of the tenth item and that the post is from 30-March, I was a little surprised to see it making the list but it looks like there’s an groundswell of interest in Chicago-area employers.  Go figure.

First the Genesis, now the Equus

First the Genesis, now the Equus – “Hyundai’s Land Yacht Should Have Luxury Automakers Quaking” #cars

Talk about the lap of luxury.

Truth really is stranger than fiction

Truth really is stranger than fiction – “Latest Guinness World Records: From the amazing to the wacky”

This is not sci-fi, this is the future of travel

This is not sci-fi, this is the future of travel – “Boeing, Space Adventures tout tourism initiative” #travel

Microsoft’s flagship game has a huge launch

Microsoft’s flagship game has a huge launch – “Halo: Reach Tops $200 Million on Launch Day, Crushes Avatar” #games

Android continues its march to world dominance

Android continues its march to world dominance – “Android Gains Market Share on Everyone Else” #mobile