Communications through the ages

Communications through the agesThe richness and sophistication of human communications is often what separates us from the other inhabitants of planet Earth.  While we can’t say for certain what the various clicks, hoots, howls, and moans of our terrestrial brethren mean exactly, it is fair to say that we’re the only group on the third planet from the Sun using YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.   Continue reading

Apple iTunes Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Wordle - iTunes terms of serviceHave you ever wondered what the major themes are in the 27 page Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for Apple’s iTunes?  Well intrepid reader, wonder no more.   Continue reading

A world made of glass

Corning glass

In February of 2011 Corning, the American glass manufacturer founded in 1851, released a video called “A Day Made of Glass” (below).  The video portrays a not-too-distant future where most of the surfaces with which we interact are interactive, integrated, and intelligent.   Continue reading