Those were the droids you were looking for


StormtrooperThose were the droids you were looking for.  Awesome.

1,000 posts

1000On Friday, November 18, 2011 The Road Not Taken crossed the symbolic 1,000 post mark thanks to the loyal readership.  It only took 20 months or approximately 1.6 posts per day.  In honor of this dubious outstanding accomplishment, I’ve included the top 100 posts (and pages) of all time.   Continue reading

Qwikster, D.O.A.

Following two tumultuous months of bad press, customer cancellations, and investor ire today Netflix decided to cancel plans to spin off the DVD home delivery business.  Last month CEO Reed Hastings upset customers by forcing customers to swallow a (relatively) large monthly price-hike or choose between home delivery or streaming.  This move triggered a customer exodus (over 1 million subscribers have left the service) and sent Netflix shares into a tailspin.  In a move that some analysts called the “dumbest” they had ever seen a company make, Netflix then announced that they were splitting the businesses entirely and Qwikster was born. Continue reading

Not loving the AT&T and T-Mobile merger?

Whether you’re for the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile or against it, there’s a lot of truth (and humor) in the videos below.  I have to agree that with the new combined entity of AT&T&T and Verizon owning more than 80% of the market share, consumer options are pretty limited.

What’s not to love?

Put your mobile phone away people

Put your mobile phone away people || “Study: 19 percent of people drop phones down toilet”

Watch out NPR, P.F. Chang’s and Wes Andersen fans, we have your number now

Watch out NPR, P.F. Chang’s and Wes Andersen fans, we have your number now || “Middlebrow Culture”

There is something very funny and refreshing (coming from a fan of the fine, fine product) to see that Pabst Blue Ribbon is at both ends of the spectrum.  I dare say it appears to be the bookends that define the outer periphery of the culture continuum (or not).

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I feel safer already

I feel safer already – “Army Gets How-To Guide for Zombie Invasion”

Why are EULAs so long?

Actor Richard Dreyfuss at the Big Apple Conven...

Image via Wikipedia

Why are EULAs so long? I don’t know but Academy Award winner Richard Dreyfuss does his best to make this one funny.

This is the reason the Internet was invented (not really but it is hysterical)

This is the reason the Internet was invented (not really but it is hysterical) – “Blog: Wave At The Bus”

Finally a device the world needs

A customer tries not using his new non-computer.

Finally a device the world needs – “HP Unveils Non-Computer For Those Who Don’t Need A Computer”