28 days for the first million; same for the second million

28 days for the first million; same for the second million – “2 million iPads sold in under 60 days” http://ht.ly/1S6l5 #Apple #iPad

Dyson re-invents the fan; makes being a nerd look good

If you’re a nerd – and proud of it – like me, then you’ll probably marvel at the new creation from the brains at Dyson (the people who re-invented the vacuum cleaner a few times):

Roc Nation Aviators by Skullcandy

Most people who know me personally are aware that I am a bit of an audiophile with a reasonably decent music collection – although I’ve never fallen in love with vinyl, so some might claim I’m only a pretender.  That said, I am always interested in finding a new set of headphones and I was impressed enough by the new line being put out by Jay Z’s Roc Nation and Skullcandy to sign-up to buy a set when they’re released in June.

From Skullcandy’s Website:

“Skullcandy strikes an aural coup and announces an unprecedented partnership with Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s groundbreaking music and entertainment company, in a multi-year headphone collaboration project. First up in this trailblazing venture is the Roc Nation Aviator. Designed with top-grade metals, polycarbonate headphone cups, plush, memory foam ear pillows, and finished with premium optics previously only seen in the realm of high-fashion eyewear, the Roc Nation Aviator is the newest World-Class headphone offering presented by Skullcandy.”

It looks pretty decent too; now how about a decent interior?

It looks pretty decent too; now how about a decent interior? – “2011 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 – Road Test” http://ht.ly/1RUnG #Mustang

2011 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 coupe.

Very interesting; recent discovery unlocks the secret

Very interesting; recent discovery unlocks the secret – “Think acupuncture’s a hoax? Think again” http://ht.ly/1RUkt #acupuncture

Always funny

Always funny – “Top 10 YouTube News Bloopers” http://ht.ly/1RRKM #humor

This is an oldie but goodie.

This was posted under “breaking news” – really?


It is probably fair to admit that I’ve recently accepted a role at a company owned by The Washington Post, but I am a Chicago native and have a soft spot in my heart for most anything having to do with my home town. There’s really not much to say about this link other than the fact that the Chicago Tribune used to be an icon of journalistic integrity that took its role in reporting – and not creating – the news very seriously. Articles titled “Obama heads to the gym for a workout” and “Obamas spend time with neighbors” being listed as breaking news is just silly.

The Original Bacon Explosion™


It is no secret that I’m a huge fan of bacon. As a stand alone food it is darn good and it is an excellent accompaniment to nearly any dish, with the one possible exception being ice cream (if anyone can refute this, please do). So when I heard about The Original Bacon Explosion™ I just about fell out of my chair with sheer delight.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to get one in time for this Memorial Day’s grilling festivities but you can be certain it will be on the menu in short order.

Below you’ll find a quick excerpt from the good people at BBQ Addicts who make the aforementioned explosion:

As featured on CNN, Good Morning America, in the New York Times, and other major media outlets, The Original Bacon Explosion™, the world famous bacon-stuffed, bacon-wrapped Italian sausage, is enhanced with our classic Kansas City style barbecue sauce and rub, then smoked low and slow in a special blend of oak and hickory wood.

The recipe rapidly gained popularity across the globe and requests for a fully-cooked version poured in. To meet this demand, we are proud to introduce a delicious, fully smoked heat & eat version of The Original Bacon Explosion™.

Talk about letting the air out of the balloon

Talk about letting the air out of the balloon – “Tesla says Toyota deal on e-cars not formal” http://ht.ly/1Rpjf #eco cars #Tesla

NASA – Satellites View Growing Gulf Oil Spill

This is just a wonderful example of how mind-boggling technology has become a part of our everyday lives:

“Two NASA satellites are capturing images of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which began April 20, 2010 with the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. This short video reveals a space-based view of the burning oil rig and, later, the ensuing oil spill through May 24. The timelapse uses imagery from the MODIS instrument, on board NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites. The oil slick appears grayish-beige in the image and changes due to changing weather, currents, and use of oil dispersing chemicals.”