Holiday season returns

Holiday shopping

$46.28 billion ($46,280,000,000)

The U.S. holiday shopping season is barely over and retailers are already predicting a record volume of returns.  Whether it’s too big, too small, or just strange, retailers are predicting that shoppers will return $46.28 billion worth of merchandise.   Continue reading

Yesterday was a 22% increase over last year’s big shopping day


Cyber Monday 2011

Cyber Monday39%

When asked in a recent survey by PriceGrabber (an Experian business) in which of the four days during the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend they were most likely to shop, consumers overwhelmingly chose Cyber Monday.   Continue reading

Have a headache?

As a consumer there are some shopping experiences that are elegant and well-tailored to how you would like to purchase a product.  For example, the front half of nearly every Apple store I have entered is free of clutter and has logical groupings of related products neatly presented for your evaluation.   Continue reading

The consumer LED lighting arms race is on

The consumer LED lighting arms race is on – “LED bulbs in the home: So far, so good” #eco

World yo-yo championship first place winner

If you think you’ve seen some incredible slights of hand or even some groovy yo-yo tricks, think again.  Jensen Kimmitt has redefined the “sport” and this video defies imagination:

Popular Mechanics puts padlocks to the test

In all sorts of Hollywood movies you see action heroes shooting padlocks off of chain link fences (usually leading to some place sinister like a scrap metal wrecking yard).  In a recent article, Popular Mechanics put a few different padlocks to the test by shooting them with a series of different rifles from 100 feet away:

The complete article details the rest of the tests and how each brand fared.

CNet is very bullish on the Kindle 3

CNet is very bullish on the Kindle 3 – “Hands-on review of the Kindle 3” #gear

The Kindle 3.

Legos and cutting edge special effects go hand-in-hand

Legos and cutting edge special effects go hand-in-hand – “Lego Wiz Re-Creates Zero-Gravity Inception Scenes” #movies

The Inception tilted hallway scene doesn't get any better than this ... except for the actual movie itself.