Every 60 seconds on the Internet (part II)

Alice in Wonderland

1,820,000,000,000 (1,820 trillion)

As we discussed in yesterday’s post, dear Alice (of Wonderland) found it difficult to swallow the notion that the White Queen in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass pondered the impossible on a regular basis.  Given the incredible year that was 2011, it is only fitting that we wrap up with the second of two posts about the most amazing things that happen ever 60 seconds on the Internet.   Continue reading

Every 60 seconds on the Internet (part I)

Alice in Wonderland 2010695,000

In Lewis Carroll’s fantasy novella Through the Looking-Glass Alice has a most curious conversation with the White Queen (as well as the White King who never seemed to make it into Tim Burton’s 2010 film version) about believing in the impossible:   Continue reading

Internet as a diversion


When I first got involved in the “commercial Internet” (i.e., following the creation of the Web) back in 1993 we sold people on the idea that they could interact with people from around the world, access huge stores of information, and even – someday – sell goods or services directly.   Continue reading

High speed transatlantic link

Internet100 Gbps (100,000,000,000 bits per second)

After laying a high speed optical connection across the Atlantic Ocean, network operator Hibernia Atlantic and Chinese industrial giant Huawei conducted the first 100 Gbps transmission across this body of water.   Continue reading

Size of the global e-conomy

$8 trillion ($8,000,000,000,000)

McKinsey & Company recently undertook the daunting task of measuring the size and financial impact of the “e-conomy” and what they found is staggering.   Continue reading

Happy anniversary: one to over 266 million in just 20 short years

Happy anniversary: one to over 266 million in just 20 short years || “20 Years Ago Today: The First Website Is Published” http://ow.ly/5XIsS

I’ve spent my entire career in Internet-related businesses and some might say (none more than me) that I’ve been lucky to have started my professional life in the early 1990s when the “commercial Internet” (i.e., following the birth of the World Wide Web).  It is truly incredible to think that if it were not for a small handful of inspired individuals there might not be an Internet as we know it today.  A special thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee for creating the first website, as well as David Thompson, Marc Andreessen, and Eric Bina at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) for creating the first mainstream web browser – Mosaic.

Thanks for everything guys.

How much is 1.8 zettabytes?

How much is 1.8 zettabytes? || “How Much Data Will Humans Create & Store This Year?” http://ow.ly/5sT9G

How much is a zettabyte?  Well, it is the equivalent of 250 billion DVDs or 36,000,000 years of HD video.  If your 11 oz. coffee mug represents one gigabyte then a zettabyte would have the same volume as The Great Wall of China.  Incredible.