Booze, drugs, and bad food – there’s a reason humans love it all

The Compass of Pleasure: How Our Brains Make Fatty Foods, Orgasm, Exercise, Marijuana, Generosity, Vodka, Learning, and Gambling Feel So GoodBooze, drugs, and bad food – there’s a reason humans love it all || “‘Compass Of Pleasure’: Why Some Things Feel So Good”


My boyhood Star Wars fantasies are about to be realized

Lightsaber blue

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My boyhood Star Wars fantasies are about to be realized – “DIY Lasers Are Irresistibly Dangerous”

Humorous agricultural infographic

Humorous agricultural infographic – “FarmVille vs. Real Farms” #humor

FLAMMA – make a fire with only IKEA stuff

If you were to find yourself lost in a suburban wilderness in desperate need of shelter, could you survive?  Artist Helmut Smit has discovered with his FLAMMA project that deep inside all of us is a caveman just yearning to be free:

Walk on water with liquid mountaineering

I’m not sure how to introduce this next bit other than to say that the last time someone walked on water he was deemed the son of God and the rest is – as they say – history.  Seriously though, this emerging sport is downright incredible and I would imagine with specialized footwear and improvements in technique this might actually go somewhere:

Flying Car The Maverick Sport

Now here’s a toy that would almost certainly kill me.  That aside, I think this is a pretty practical solution to the flying car dilemma that seems to be fascinating certain convergence aficionados.  I’m not sure if this is really a flying car as much as it is a parasailing dune buggy, but it does seem to be pretty fun:

World yo-yo championship first place winner

If you think you’ve seen some incredible slights of hand or even some groovy yo-yo tricks, think again.  Jensen Kimmitt has redefined the “sport” and this video defies imagination:

Popular Mechanics puts padlocks to the test

In all sorts of Hollywood movies you see action heroes shooting padlocks off of chain link fences (usually leading to some place sinister like a scrap metal wrecking yard).  In a recent article, Popular Mechanics put a few different padlocks to the test by shooting them with a series of different rifles from 100 feet away:

The complete article details the rest of the tests and how each brand fared.

CNet is very bullish on the Kindle 3

CNet is very bullish on the Kindle 3 – “Hands-on review of the Kindle 3” #gear

The Kindle 3.

When are “normal” cars going to be truly thrilling?

When are “normal” cars going to be truly thrilling? – “Exotic cars at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance” #cars

The awesome 2009 Bertone Mantide.