A world made of glass

Corning glass

In February of 2011 Corning, the American glass manufacturer founded in 1851, released a video called “A Day Made of Glass” (below).  The video portrays a not-too-distant future where most of the surfaces with which we interact are interactive, integrated, and intelligent.  Previously in 2010 Corning had entered the mobile Internet age with a break-through technology called Gorilla Glass that is light, thin, and damage-resistant.

When Corning announced Gorilla Glass 2.0 earlier in 2012 (which features the same level of durability but is 20% thinner than its predecessor) they also released a follow-up to the 2011 video, this one called “A Day Made of Glass 2: Same Day.”

Beyond being a simple component required for the development and manufacture of mobile devices, glass is becoming an increasingly critical part of the overall interaction experience.  From the new iPad retina display (and obviously all touch or gesture-based devices) to Google’s legendary augmented reality glasses to Samsung’s Smart Window to  Toyota’s enhanced card windows to Microsoft Surface, glass is quickly becoming the hardware interface through which the digital future will be experienced.

Corning glass

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