Can Apple succeed where Google has struggled?

Can Apple succeed where Google has struggled? || “Apple working on a TV set for 2012?”


They should call this doll Baby Scare-a-Lot

I love the weird commercials that may have (in the Twilight Zone) seemed like a good idea but have now found their way onto YouTube.  The following cute little dolly must have seemed like a good idea to someone but once you’re alone in the house at night and the lights go off, think again:

By the way, in case you missed my other recent post about strange kids toys – have a look at Mattel’s Tommy Burst detective set.

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

Yes, yes.  This is a cover of Queen’s (in)famous 1975 “Bohemian Rhapsody” by The Muppets.  Yes, Jim Hanson’s Muppets.  Yes, I am totally serious.  Oh, and it isn’t half bad.

Insane Roger Federer trickshot

This next video clip is spreading around the Internet like wildfire.  I have no idea how Roger Federer pulled off this move but I am pretty certain that it is not a hoax.  Take a look at him knocking a can off a crew member’s head during a commercial shoot:

Mattel’s Tommy Burst detective set

They just don’t make commercials (or toy guns) like they used to.  Have a look at the TV commercial for Mattel’s Tommy Burst detective set from the 1960s.  One thing I know for sure, for $7.00 it sure is swell: