Facebook’s massive market capitalization

Facebook IPO$100 billion ($100,000,000,000)

The social networking giant Facebook with over 800 million users (or are they customers?) is looking to go public in Q2 2012 with an estimated market capitalization of $100 billion, according to a recent article by the Wall Street Journal.  The initial public offering would raise approximately $10 billion in a deal that would be one of the largest in history – #15 as a matter of fact.   Continue reading

British social media in the workplace

Facebook is a drug33%

According to a survey by British job site Reed, roughly a third of of people access their social media profiles and networks while on the clock.   Continue reading

LinkedIn InMaps

I’m a sucker for elegant data visualization tools so when I saw LinkedIn InMaps in January it was love at first sight. InMaps is a LinkedIn Labs visualization experiment that allows users to view their entire network in a consolidated, color-coded map. For example, below you will find my entire LinkedIn network (1,090 contacts as of October 7, 2011). Continue reading

Thousands of companies are already using “Apply with LinkedIn”

Thousands of companies are already using “Apply with LinkedIn” || “LinkedIn offers new way to apply for jobs” http://ow.ly/5MUvn

Depending on the rate of adoption, I think this could transform the job application process which – as anyone who has applied for a position online can tell you – is a fairly repetitive process.  This capability from LinkedIn will allow a job seeker to essentially syndicate their professional profile and within a matter of a few clicks get it into a talent acquisition system quickly, not to mention enable easier networking with those people who might be in your network at the aforementioned company.  I’m only surprised that LinkedIn didn’t roll this new capability out with a few technology partners (i.e., Taleo, BrassRing, etc.) signed up to use this as a feature in their systems.  Given their market reach I would hope that is on the radar for the good people at LinkedIn or widespread acceptance will be an uphill battle.

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Compared to the 1998-2000 Internet bubble, things are different this time around

Compared to the 1998-2000 Internet bubble, things are different this time around || “Is it a tech boom or a bubble?” http://ow.ly/5H7Xv

Groupon faces some tough critics

Groupon logo.

Image via Wikipedia

Groupon faces some tough critics – “Some question Groupon’s value after losses disclosed in IPOhttp://ow.ly/59kW2

I just passed 1,000 real (i.e., people I actually know) connections on LinkedIn

I just passed 1,000 real (i.e., people I actually know) connections on LinkedIn. Hooray for business-focused social networking.

Business networking

[Update: 18-Oct-11]
Now with 1,101 direct contacts my network reaches into some pretty interesting places.  For starters I now have over 280,000 second-degree (i.e., friends of friends) contacts which is a pretty incredible feat in and of itself but I also have more than 8.6 million third-degree connections who can be reached through one of my friend’s friends.  Regrettably – although for obvious reasons – my network is still very United States focused with the top areas of regional access being large domestic metropolitan areas such as Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.  A few days ago I used the LinkedIn Labs InMap experiment to visualize just how my network looks when all of the interconnections are visualized in a single two-dimensional data map.

Check it out.

LinkedIn achieves a major milestone, congratulations!

Linkedin Chocolates

Image by nan palmero via Flickr

#LinkedIn achieves a major milestone, congratulations! – “LinkedIn Surpasses 100 Million Users” http://ow.ly/4jxg8 #infographic

Everyone knows LinkedIn but what else is out there for job seekers?

Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Everyone knows #LinkedIn but what else is out there for job seekers? – “5 Online Communities to Help With Your Career” http://ow.ly/4hYbC

I still think LinkedIn is terrific


I still think LinkedIn is terrific – “LinkedIn files for IPO, reveals sales of $161 million” http://ht.ly/3LWJq #socialmedia