The most engaging brands on Facebook

Facebook and Zuck

There’s been an enormous amount of press given to Facebook these past few weeks – even more so than the normally copious volumes – due to the impending $100 billion initial public offering.  However, even as investment bankers prepare to snap up their shares and subsequently dump them some hours or days later, some companies are beginning to break ranks from the social behemoth.   Continue reading

2012: The Year of Facebook

FacebookThere are those who would say that any one of the past several years could be called “The Year of Facebook” although I would argue that none will be larger than 2012.  First of all, the social networking giant will be floating their monster IPO this year which will doubtlessly be met with a tremendous (and perhaps disproportionate) level of rabid enthusiasm.   Continue reading

Facebook’s massive market capitalization

Facebook IPO$100 billion ($100,000,000,000)

The social networking giant Facebook with over 800 million users (or are they customers?) is looking to go public in Q2 2012 with an estimated market capitalization of $100 billion, according to a recent article by the Wall Street Journal.  The initial public offering would raise approximately $10 billion in a deal that would be one of the largest in history – #15 as a matter of fact.   Continue reading

One of the worst IPOs of the year?


Groupon logoGroupon is currently trading at $17 which is a 45.4% decline from their opening day high earlier this month.  Some pundits are already jumping on the “worst IPO of 2011” bandwagon.  Time will tell.

IPO underwriting costs

Stock market


For helping take a company public, investment banks charge a whopping 7% fee (among numerous other fees, including a “greenshoe option” to purchase shares that are nearly guaranteed to gain value).   Continue reading

More accounting irregularities threaten to derail the hottest IPO of 2011

More accounting irregularities threaten to derail the hottest IPO of 2011 || “More Trouble for Groupon IPO”

The late Irish dramatist Brendan Behan once said that “there is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary” and I can’t help but think that the folks over at Groupon might want to rethink their brash rhetoric heading into their currently scheduled IPO. Continue reading

Compared to the 1998-2000 Internet bubble, things are different this time around

Compared to the 1998-2000 Internet bubble, things are different this time around || “Is it a tech boom or a bubble?”

Is Facebook worth as much as Intel?

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Is Facebook worth as much as Intel? – “Facebook Aiming For $100 Billion IPO in Early 2012: Report”

How will Groupon keep users buying?

How will Groupon keep users buying? – “Behind dazzling growth story, Groupon struggles to keep customers clicking”

The media assault on Groupon’s IPO continues full-force

The media assault on Groupon‘s IPO continues full-force – “Groupon Is a Straight-Up Ponzi Scheme”