They should call this doll Baby Scare-a-Lot

I love the weird commercials that may have (in the Twilight Zone) seemed like a good idea but have now found their way onto YouTube.  The following cute little dolly must have seemed like a good idea to someone but once you’re alone in the house at night and the lights go off, think again:

By the way, in case you missed my other recent post about strange kids toys – have a look at Mattel’s Tommy Burst detective set.

AT&T 1993 “You Will” commercials

Do you remember the “You Will” commercials from AT&T?  I do and not because they were so amazing (although in hindsight they do seem remarkably accurate).  I had started an Internet company with a few friends in 1993 and I remember thinking that if half of what AT&T was touting was going to come to fruition, then I made the right decision to follow that dream:

The drench Cubehead

Rubik’s Cube references never seem to get old.  First it was skydiving in a miniature boat while solving the Cube and now drench (the drink) takes it to a whole new level.  What I’d like to see is the drench Cube head solve his puzzle while skydiving in a boat – now that would be something:

I love how the little girl simply watches with mild amusement (and doesn’t run off in horror).