Watch the Apple iPhone event – live!

Watch the Apple iPhone event – live! || “Apple iPhone 4S / 5 event live blog LIVE”

In a two-hour event this morning at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters many people had expected the tech giant to unveil a completely new version of its adored iPhone.  The company spent the first 55 minutes recapping their overwhelming success over the past several months and years, as well as unveiling several new features that will be in the new version of their mobile operating system (iOS).  Critics and fans alike halfheartedly clapped their way through these announcements as most of them had been unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.  When the moment had finally arrived to unveil the new iPhone it was not the iPhone 5 but rather a 4S that was revealed. Continue reading

Is it just me or was Apple a bit light on announcements today?

Moscone Center WWDC 2011

Image by BENM.AT Live Coverage via Flickr

Is it just me or was Apple a bit light on announcements today? – “Apple’s WWDC: iCloud, iOS 5, Lion, and more (roundup)”