I’ll admit it right up front.  I am a huge fan of Kiva Microfunds (commonly known as Kiva) and have been a lender there for a number of years.   Continue reading

Local search by the numbers

Local search marketing19%

Now here’s a real curiosity.  According to the data contained in the lovely infographic below provided by MGD Advertising, local search is a bit of a mixed bag for a big percentage of consumers.   Continue reading

Locavesting meets Kiva

Locavesting meets Kiva || “Kiva City: Using Microloans To Revitalize Small Businesses In Struggling American Cities”

There’s a lot of great stuff one could say about Kiva and being an active micro-lender through their service myself, I’m ecstatic that they’ve started to look at some of the cities within the United States that have fallen on hard economic times.  Yesterday Kiva announced that they were opening their doors to entrepreneurs in Detroit and New Orleans.  Check out the two videos below for more information – including an excellent introduction to the program by the 42nd President of the United States, William “Bill” Clinton.

Give your money to Main Street, not Wall Street

LocavestingSmall businesses are the backbone of the American economy, generating eighty percent of jobs and half of GDP. They also create the foundation for healthy, diverse neighborhoods and strong local economies.

So why are we starving these vital enterprises?

The truth is, our financial and political system is stacked against small business. The stock market has become a vast, electronic casino that has abandoned any pretense of allocating capital to productive use. And community banks – a mainstay of small business funding – are an endangered species in a Too Big to Fail world. Don’t look to the government for help, though: politicians at the federal, state, and local levels are often under the sway of deep-pocketed corporations. Meanwhile, Main Streets and downtowns everywhere are slowly dying.   Continue reading

Facebook creates a “how to” guide for businesses

Facebook creates a “how to” guide for businesses || “Facebook for Business”

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