How does same-day delivery sound to you?

How does same-day delivery sound to you? || “Amazon goods for pickup at 7-Eleven soon?”

Soon you might see these unassuming Amazon pick-up lockers popping up at 7-Elevens around the country.  In fact, The Daily was quoted as saying:

According to a source with knowledge of the project, the idea is simple: these nondescript boxes will be in 7-Eleven stores across the country and act as a sort of P.O. box for Amazon purchases. Once a customer makes a buy on Amazon’s website he can select a 7-Eleven close to work, or on the way home and have the package dropped off there.

I think the true test will be surrounding ubiquity of the lockers, cycle time (i.e., from order placement to delivery at the locks) and the incremental premium purchasers would need to pay for the service (if at all).