Most popular “ideas worth spreading”

PostRank, the recent Google acquisition in the real-time social-networking data analytics space, recently compiled a list of the most popular TED presentations.  The experiment aims to see which speakers are most popular by topic (i.e., technology, entertainment, business, etc.) and network (i.e., Twitter, Delicious, Facebook, Reddit, etc.).  There are a few surprises but I don’t think it stunned anyone to see that Pranav Mistry’s talk on Sixth Sense was first in the Technology and Design categories (I was pretty impressed when I saw him at Cognizant Community 2011) or that Julian Assange was strongly favored in Global Issues. Continue reading

Pranav Mistry at Cognizant Community 2011

Following immediately on the heels of Don Tapscott’s brilliant presentation about the age of networked intelligence, I was fortunate to listen to Pranav Mistry to talk about his SixthSense technology.  Below is a TED talk from TEDIndia 2009 that covered a lot of the same topics:

Hopefully the good people at Cognizant will post both Don and Pranav’s presentations on YouTube.  Until then, this will have to do.