2011 consumer media usage report

2011 Nielsen consumer media usage report (page 1)

4.9 million (4,900,000)

Yesterday my former colleagues at Nielsen released their “State of the Media: Consumer Usage Report” for 2011 which has a decidedly U.S. focus.  During the first week of November Nielsen released an infographic triptych that in hindsight was an excellent preview for this report.   Continue reading

Consumers’ social, local, and mobile habits

Most valuable digital consumers (social)51%

Now this is a really great post for you data junkies out there.  The Nielsen Company (disclosure: I worked at Nielsen from 2006-2010) released an infographic triptych chock full of interesting stats surrounding the social, local, and mobile habits of today’s digital consumers.   Continue reading

Sadly health and education apps trail the pack

Sadly health and education apps trail the pack || “Play Before Work: Games Most Popular Mobile App Category in US” http://ow.ly/5yhVl

Gaming is the most popular mobile app category