Generation C

Generation C

The Nielsen Company and NM Incite (a joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey & Company) in their recently released U.S. Digital Consumer Report dubbed the current young adult generation “Generation C” based on their “connected” behaviors.  This group – Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 – accounts for approximately 23% of the population according to the most recent U.S. Census but they spend far more time socializing and consuming media through their devices than other “generations.”   Continue reading

Consumers’ social, local, and mobile habits

Most valuable digital consumers (social)51%

Now this is a really great post for you data junkies out there.  The Nielsen Company (disclosure: I worked at Nielsen from 2006-2010) released an infographic triptych chock full of interesting stats surrounding the social, local, and mobile habits of today’s digital consumers.   Continue reading

2011 Halloween candy sales

Candy600 million (600,000,000)

During the week leading up to Halloween, 600 million pounds of candy – valued at approximately $1.9 billion – are sold in the United States according to The Nielsen Company.  Of the different types of candy, chocolate is by far the most popular. Continue reading

LinkedIn InMaps

I’m a sucker for elegant data visualization tools so when I saw LinkedIn InMaps in January it was love at first sight. InMaps is a LinkedIn Labs visualization experiment that allows users to view their entire network in a consolidated, color-coded map. For example, below you will find my entire LinkedIn network (1,090 contacts as of October 7, 2011). Continue reading

How do Nielsen TV ratings work?

Have you ever wondered exactly how the Nielsen TV ratings system works?  Have you ever pondered how Nielsen figures out what people are watching live versus time-shifted (i.e., on a digital video recorder) or the accuracy of their demographic sample?  Have you every wished you could have the intricate ins and outs of the system explained to by puppets?  Then today is your lucky day because I have just what you need below. Continue reading