Twine and Spool

Twine and SpoolUnless you’re living in Bill Gates’ house, chances are most of the objects around you aren’t Internet-connected.  In fact, the vast majority of appliances, mechanical systems, and even doors/windows are “dumb” with respect to their ability to tell you much of anything unless you’re standing immediately in front of them.   Continue reading

Alternative energy just got a whole lot more interesting

Alternative energy just got a whole lot more interesting – “MIT professor touts first ‘practical’ artificial leaf”

Pranav Mistry at Cognizant Community 2011

Following immediately on the heels of Don Tapscott’s brilliant presentation about the age of networked intelligence, I was fortunate to listen to Pranav Mistry to talk about his SixthSense technology.  Below is a TED talk from TEDIndia 2009 that covered a lot of the same topics:

Hopefully the good people at Cognizant will post both Don and Pranav’s presentations on YouTube.  Until then, this will have to do.