The power of words

I spend a lot of my day (and night) talking to people.  In fact, if I were to total all of the activities in my life – and probably the lives of most people I know – the largest single activity on which time is spent (although curiously perhaps not by level of effort) across my entire life has been communication.  Words have meaning. Continue reading

Language visualization

CuriosityI am looking for a few relatively well-read, articulate and – most importantly – opinionated individuals to lend me a few minutes of their time (no more than 30) for an experiment on language visualization.  I’m reluctant to disclose the details about this experiment until I know the volunteers which of course is counter-intuitive and risks dissuading some otherwise perfectly good candidates. That said I’m sure a few souls will be willing to offer up a slice of their life for a (fairly) painless exercise.

What you need to participate:

  • 30 minutes of free time
  • A computer of any kind
  • An intense sense of curiosity

If you meet those minimum requirements, as well as those listed in the first sentence, and you’re interested in helping me out – please drop me a note.  If you do not meet those requirements (especially the third item on the list, please close the browser window now … ever so slllllowly).