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Hamel - What Matters NowThis is not a book about one thing. It’s not a 250-page dissertation on leadership, teams or motivation. Instead, it’s an agenda for building organizations that can flourish in a world of diminished hopes, relentless change and ferocious competition.   Continue reading

Great list of ideas to boost employee engagement

Great list of ideas to boost employee engagement || “Eight Ways to Communicate Your Strategy More Effectively”

Harvard Business ReviewGeorgia Everse’s piece on the Harvard Business Review blog is an outstanding and concise slice of management strategy heaven. If you’ve ever found yourself with a team that seems to have lost its way, her eight ideas are certainly a good basis for getting back on track. I’ve included the first item from the list but strongly recommend that you check out the rest.

1. Keep the message simple, but deep in meaning.
Most organizations have a deeper meaning as to why they exist. This tends to influence strategy, decision-making and behaviors at executive levels, but often isn’t well articulated for employees. What you call it doesn’t matter, your purpose, your why, your core belief, your center. What does matter is that you establish its relevance with employees in a way that makes them care more about the company and about the job they do. It should be at the core of all of your communications, a simple and inspiring message that is easy to relate to and understand. Strategy-specific messages linked to your purpose become tools to help employees connect their day-to-day efforts with the aspiration of the company.”

An interesting perspective on innovation from the Harvard Business Review

An interesting perspective on innovation from the Harvard Business Review || “Innovation’s Nine Critical Success Factors