The new independent workforce


Over the past decade and a half the U.S. economy has weathered two significant recessions, including crises in the residential real estate and financial services industries.  Despite these economic hardships the self-employed and “solopreneur” workforce grew by 4.3 million workers and is projected to continue growing at double-digit rates.   Continue reading

People call it the Gig Economy or Freelance Nation

People call it the Gig Economy or Freelance Nation || “The Freelance Surge Is the Industrial Revolution of Our Time”

Freelance power struggle

The struggle for self-fulfillment, a desire for autonomy, and the harsh reality of the economy have pushed (and pulled) many people to freelancing for their primary and/or sole income.  The Atlantic piece referenced in the link above is the introduction to what promises to be a periodic look at this growing segment of the workforce.  Yes, freelancing has been a reality and preference for some for as long as there as been work but never before has it been so streamlined (thanks to technology) or prevalent here in the U.S.