World population milestone

7 billion

7 billion (7,000,000,000)

The number of people on Earth topped the 7 billion mark today according to the United Nations Population Fund.  The 6 billion mark was crossed in 1999 and it took the entirety of history until approximately 1804 to reach the 1 billion population figure.  Different projections have the figure reaching between 8 billion and 10.5 billion by 2050, although if the population growth over the past decade were to be used as the basis for future growth – the global population would be between 12 and 13 billion by 2050 and between 18 and 20 billion by 2100. Continue reading

Radiation doses made easy (finally)

#Radiation doses made easy (finally) – “Radiation Dose Chart”

Apparently liquefying your corpse is the way to go

Apparently liquefying your corpse is the way to go – “Dissolving your earthly remains will protect the Earth” #disturbing