Vision of the future includes embedded augmented reality

Sight Systems

It has been a few weeks (okay, two months) since I last posted to The Road Not Taken but when I saw the video below I knew I had to repost it as soon as possible.  The futuristic film comes from creators Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo as a part of their graduation project from Bezaleal Academy of Arts that illustrates some provocative uses for embedded augmented reality.   Continue reading

A world made of glass

Corning glass

In February of 2011 Corning, the American glass manufacturer founded in 1851, released a video called “A Day Made of Glass” (below).  The video portrays a not-too-distant future where most of the surfaces with which we interact are interactive, integrated, and intelligent.   Continue reading

Toyota makes road trips amazing (and educational)

Toyota makes road trips amazing (and educational) || “Toyota demos augmented-reality-enhanced car windows”

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I am a huge fan of the augmented reality and sixth sense concepts

Google Goggles app on Android phone

Image by DanieVDM via Flickr

I am a huge fan of the augmented reality and sixth sense concepts – “How Google is teaching computers to see”