AOL’s media business

AOL logo$500 million ($500,000,000)

The oft ridiculed and always interesting Henry Blodget (who is still banned from the securities industry) posted and interesting piece yesterday about AOL’s media business on his business and news analysis site, The Business Insider.   Continue reading

AOL’s dial-up subscribers

AOL logoI am not sure that this is actually worthy of a heartfelt “WTF” or if it simply warrants an bewildered stare, but America Online (AOL) still has 3.5 million dial-up subscribers.   Continue reading

Google’s digital advertising market dominance



According to some detective work and quick arithmetic on the part of Darren Herman, 64% of all digital ad spend worldwide is controlled by just five companies.  In case you hadn’t guessed from the image above, Google is far and away the leader of the pack receiving over $29.32 billion of the estimated $64.03 billion spent on digital advertising (according to ZenithOptimedia). Continue reading

What ever happened to GeoCities?

Once upon a time there was a thriving online network of (pretty ugly) web pages called GeoCities and this network was linked together through some pretty crude – by today’s standards – “social” mechanisms.  People were grouped together in communities and interacted with one another through the means of the day.  In 1998 GeoCities went public on the NASDAQ for $17 per share and rose to an atmospheric $100 per share before being acquired by Yahoo! in 1999 for a tidy $3.5 billion.  At this point GeoCities was the third most visited destination on the Internet behind Yahoo! and America Online (AOL).  Fast forward ten years and on October 26, 2009 Yahoo! pulled the plug on the once-great online community. Continue reading