Top posts for week ending 17-Jul

It was a pretty interesting week for The Road Not Taken. As you can see from this week’s top posts, humorous topics had a slight lead over the serious topics (but not by a lot):

  1. The Handsome Men’s Club
  2. Thomas Keller knows food (and technology)
  3. Did Google forget about Project 10×100?
  4. Hysterical and foul-mouthed video pits the iPhone 4 against the HTC Evo
  5. Hans Rosling on global population growth
  6. My favorite summer memory…
  7. Interactive ‘worry map’ from The Economist
  8. Opera parodies Google’s Chrome speed test
  9. Awesome online identity infographic
  10. Hello Kitty rules the world

That last one still cracks me up.  Have a good weekend.

Top posts for week ending 10-Jul

Hello Kitty reigned supreme this week with humor and infographics (have a look at item #9 for an excellent example of the latter group) taking some spots in the top 10 most popular posts for the week ending 10-Jul:

  1. Hello Kitty rules the world
  2. What about the Yelp Website itself?
  3. Did Google forget about Project 10×100?
  4. Here’s some cerebral humor for you
  5. Wow, talk about things I did not know
  6. Fascinating; submarines to get connected
  7. Today’s absurd and superb infographic
  8. I’m a fan of the ReadyNAS product line; this just makes them better
  9. Awesome online identity infographic
  10. Congratulations on the IPO; now build the type S

Enjoy the weekend.  If you’re anywhere in North America, this week has been a hot one so hopefully you’re keeping cool.

Top posts for week ending 03-Jul

It was a pretty big week for The Road Not Taken as we had several contenders for the most popular post this week.  Again, this does not measure the most read post that was new over the past seven days but rather the most read out of any of the posts.  Generally speaking it does favor the newer items but when you have a look at the list below, you’ll note that half of the most read posts were written well before this week:

For the record, from this week going forward I have decided to expand the list from five items to the 10 most popular.  To my fellow American readers, enjoy the holiday (Independence Day) weekend!

Top posts for week ending 26-Jun

I’m not all that surprised that the laser post was so popular this week but some of the other items on this week’s leader board were a bit surprising.  Humor seems to have taken a back seat to some of the more cerebral pursuits.


Top posts for week ending 19-Jun

Here are this week’s top posts in order of popularity:

Obviously this week there was a lot of interest in what’s new and hot in the world of consumer electronics, while topics like humor and social media took a backseat.  What I can’t believe is that the post from Auto-Tune the News didn’t rank this week.  I’ll bet a $2 bill that is in the top three for next week.

Top posts for week ending 12-Jun

Here are the top five most popular posts from the week ending 12-Jun:

  1. How the 1939 World’s Fair changed the world
  2. Facebook can be so strange at times
  3. In 10 years will we care?
  4. I’m surprised it took this long
  5. China iPad Knockoff: iPed

It always amazes me how the popularity of some posts continues to linger.  I posted the third item on the list in late April and people continue to read it.  Enjoy.