Visually arresting Newcastle billboard

A few weeks ago I posted a piece about the innovative use of “green technology” on a Coca-Cola billboard outside of Manilla – and thanks to a tip by a friend – I bring you an equally brilliant advertisement, albeit not as ecologically friendly.

Newcastle shadow billboard

Have a look at the “making of” video below for instructions on what you can do with those 3,000 bottle caps you have laying around.

[Thanks Jerry]

Price spikes are not the problem, it is the overall trend

Price spikes are not the problem, it is the overall trend || “Food Prices Could Hit Tipping Point for Global Unrest”

Colony collapse disorder is threatening $83 billion in crops worldwide

Colony collapse disorder is threatening $83 billion in crops worldwide || “Super Bees Could Save Us From A Food Crisis”


Quite possibly the best billboard in history

Quite possibly the best billboard in history || “Coca-Cola Plant Billboard Absorbs Air Pollution”

Coca-Cola (with the World Wildlife Federation) unveiled this billboard in Manila that’s constructed from several thousand tea plants.  It is expected to absorb 46,800 lbs. of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and while some critics have dismissed it as little more than a marketing gimmick, it is a thought-provoking step in the right direction.


Watch out NPR, P.F. Chang’s and Wes Andersen fans, we have your number now

Watch out NPR, P.F. Chang’s and Wes Andersen fans, we have your number now || “Middlebrow Culture”

There is something very funny and refreshing (coming from a fan of the fine, fine product) to see that Pabst Blue Ribbon is at both ends of the spectrum.  I dare say it appears to be the bookends that define the outer periphery of the culture continuum (or not).

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Food science is getting very interesting

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Technology-savvy oenophiles rejoice

Technology-savvy oenophiles rejoice – “In iPad veritas” #wine #food

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Everyone remembers the moment from Ghostbusters when Dr. Ray Stantz – unable to keep his mind blank – chooses the form of their destructor when he imagines “something that could never, ever possibly destroy” them: the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  Now the Stay Pufts come in a delicious, caffeinated form.  With 100 mg of caffeine each, you can throw a few of these into your breakfast cereal and a cool half-dozen in your coffee to get your day off on the right foot.  Washing them down with Red Bull is not recommended.

The drench Cubehead

Rubik’s Cube references never seem to get old.  First it was skydiving in a miniature boat while solving the Cube and now drench (the drink) takes it to a whole new level.  What I’d like to see is the drench Cube head solve his puzzle while skydiving in a boat – now that would be something:

I love how the little girl simply watches with mild amusement (and doesn’t run off in horror).

Beer for (and by) nerds; awesome

Beer for (and by) nerds; awesome – “Science + Geek + Beer = Awesomely Geeky Science Beer” #beer