Netflix was just added to the S&P 500, who is laughing now?

Netflix was just added to the S&P 500, who is laughing now? – “Blockbuster laughed at Netflix partnership offer”

They should call this doll Baby Scare-a-Lot

I love the weird commercials that may have (in the Twilight Zone) seemed like a good idea but have now found their way onto YouTube.  The following cute little dolly must have seemed like a good idea to someone but once you’re alone in the house at night and the lights go off, think again:

By the way, in case you missed my other recent post about strange kids toys – have a look at Mattel’s Tommy Burst detective set.

Outside of Apple fanboys & fangirls, who really loves Apple TV?

Outside of Apple fanboys & fangirls, who really loves Apple TV? – “5 Reasons Why Apple TV Is (Still) Boring” #TV

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

Yes, yes.  This is a cover of Queen’s (in)famous 1975 “Bohemian Rhapsody” by The Muppets.  Yes, Jim Hanson’s Muppets.  Yes, I am totally serious.  Oh, and it isn’t half bad.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Everyone remembers the moment from Ghostbusters when Dr. Ray Stantz – unable to keep his mind blank – chooses the form of their destructor when he imagines “something that could never, ever possibly destroy” them: the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  Now the Stay Pufts come in a delicious, caffeinated form.  With 100 mg of caffeine each, you can throw a few of these into your breakfast cereal and a cool half-dozen in your coffee to get your day off on the right foot.  Washing them down with Red Bull is not recommended.

AT&T 1993 “You Will” commercials

Do you remember the “You Will” commercials from AT&T?  I do and not because they were so amazing (although in hindsight they do seem remarkably accurate).  I had started an Internet company with a few friends in 1993 and I remember thinking that if half of what AT&T was touting was going to come to fruition, then I made the right decision to follow that dream:

The age of on-demand entertainment is truly upon us

The age of on-demand entertainment is truly upon us – “Netflix soars as Blockbuster plans bankruptcy” #movies

The drench Cubehead

Rubik’s Cube references never seem to get old.  First it was skydiving in a miniature boat while solving the Cube and now drench (the drink) takes it to a whole new level.  What I’d like to see is the drench Cube head solve his puzzle while skydiving in a boat – now that would be something:

I love how the little girl simply watches with mild amusement (and doesn’t run off in horror).

Insane Roger Federer trickshot

This next video clip is spreading around the Internet like wildfire.  I have no idea how Roger Federer pulled off this move but I am pretty certain that it is not a hoax.  Take a look at him knocking a can off a crew member’s head during a commercial shoot:

Mattel’s Tommy Burst detective set

They just don’t make commercials (or toy guns) like they used to.  Have a look at the TV commercial for Mattel’s Tommy Burst detective set from the 1960s.  One thing I know for sure, for $7.00 it sure is swell: