Apple’s age of entanglement

“Entanglement” is one of the proverbial holy grails to which businesses aspire in their customer interactions.  Essentially it is simply a snappy way of describing a deeply integrated relationship that makes it difficult for customers of a given business to leave for a competitor.  In the business-to-consumer world tens of billions of dollars are spent annually to attract customers and the trick then becomes retaining them. Continue reading


Amazon announces new Kindles

In a press conference this morning, Amazon officially announced their new tablet – Kindle Fire.  Months of speculation – including this post by yours truly – have led up to this release by the online retail and services giant. Continue reading

How do Nielsen TV ratings work?

Have you ever wondered exactly how the Nielsen TV ratings system works?  Have you ever pondered how Nielsen figures out what people are watching live versus time-shifted (i.e., on a digital video recorder) or the accuracy of their demographic sample?  Have you every wished you could have the intricate ins and outs of the system explained to by puppets?  Then today is your lucky day because I have just what you need below. Continue reading

Apple wants its iPhone 5 back. Now.

As most of the Internet-connected world no doubt knows an Apple employee has lost another iPhone prototype in what can only be called a quasi-clever marketing plot stunning coincidence.  The folks over at Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco have “been handed” a copy of the new ad created by the Apple marketing department to help motivate the individual currently in possession of the missing iPhone to return the priceless device. Continue reading

Can Apple succeed where Google has struggled?

Can Apple succeed where Google has struggled? || “Apple working on a TV set for 2012?”


How do you track TV viewing on tablets?

How do you track TV viewing on tablets? || “Nielsen’s New Post-PC Analytics Track TV Streaming, App Habits”

Nielsen Optimum

Amazon closed some of the gap between Amazon Prime and Netflix

Amazon closed some of the gap between Amazon Prime and Netflix || “Amazon Instant hits 100,000 movies, TV shows”

Amazon Prime

The world’s largest stop motion animation was made with a mobile phone

Two creative teams (Sumo Science and Aardman) took home a high-five from the good people at Guinness World Records for the “world’s largest stop motion animation set” using nothing more than a 40-meter cherry picker and three Nokia N8 mobile phones.  Gulp is an incredible example of what you can do if you set you mind to an incredibly ambitious goal and if you have more time on your hands than I can possibly imagine.  Watch and see.

If this doesn’t quite satisfy your thirst, below is the making of Gulp.


It doesn’t matter if you’re on the left or right

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the left or right but our elected leaders should reflect on Peter Finch‘s speech from Network (it was largely due to this iconic speech that Finch won the Academy Award for Best Actor):

It was true 25 years ago and it is true today.  There are no easy solutions and there are no convenient compromises but solving the financial crisis that faces us is not optional and it cannot be done without sacrifice, but it must be done.  Mr. Obama and Mr. Boehner please get back to work.

Apple’s iPad 2 launch draws (hysterical) criticism

Apple’s iPad 2 launch draws (hysterical) criticism – “Conan: Apple Gets Cocky About iPad 2”

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