The future according to sci-fi movies

Science fiction

Rod Serling, the narrator for The Twilight Zone, once described science fiction in the following terms: “Fantasy is the impossible made probable. Science Fiction is the improbable made possible.”  The term “sci-fi” itself was coined by famed American science fiction movie memorabilia collector Forrest Ackerman in 1954 but the genre itself has been around for nearly two thousand years.  The first example of a precursor to today’s science fiction as literature can be seen in True History (2nd century) or in some of the Arabian Nights (9th century).  That said the advent of motion pictures has had a profound impact on the genre and has resulted in the birth of a number of subgenres (i.e., hard, soft and social, cyberpunk, time travel, alternative history, apocalyptic, etc.) and an explosion in the fan base (recent Google searches for “science fiction” and “sci-fi” returned 215 million and 46.4 million results, respectively).  If you couple that with the technology revolution that has engulfed the mainstream population of the world, science-fiction has never been more popular.

Looking at how (and how well) science fiction movies predict the future is the purpose of the infographic below.  Since we’re in 2012 and the world is expected to end later this year, you had better hurry up and read this blog while you have the chance.

The future according to sci-fi movies

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