Death and social media

What do all of the world’s social media users have in common?  Besides having a rabid obsession with making Mark Zuckerberg even more money, we’re all going to die.  Yes, you (and me).  Regardless of whatever we do, no one is getting out of this life alive.  In fact, every 20 seconds one of Facebook’s users transitions to the great beyond which added up to a whopping 1.78 million people in 2011 – that’s a bit more than the entire population of Philadelphia or Idaho.

So what happens to your digital self when you pass on?  Some social media providers will help your next-of-kin recover your files but others aren’t quite so helpful.  It is hard to imagine Facebook “resurrecting” a digital version of you for future generations as this video suggests but then again you never know what will be acceptable in 10, 50, or 100 years.

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