The power of words

I spend a lot of my day (and night) talking to people.  In fact, if I were to total all of the activities in my life – and probably the lives of most people I know – the largest single activity on which time is spent (although curiously perhaps not by level of effort) across my entire life has been communication.  Words have meaning.

In fact, not only do they have meaning but many represent emotions and abstract concepts (e.g., religious faith) which are fundamental elements of our very humanity that transcend time and – in some cases – the very meaning of the idea they are meant to embody.  If you think about the meaning of words such as “love” or “hate” is it the dictionary definition that comes to mind or emotion they represent and/or evoke?  Their spoken and written forms are one of the few things that truly differentiates humans from animals.  They have the power to heal, to humiliate, to bring peace, to foment war, and change the very lives of people the world over.

My wife sent me the video clip above which is an outstanding example of how mastering the dynamic nature of words and language can deliver a powerful message.

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