Samsung’s Smart Window

Wow.  There’s been a lot of press lately about Samsung being the next Apple which is a pretty bold statement in and of itself but when you take a look at the breadth of products Samsung produces – as well as the high attention to user experience, quality, and design – it might be a little easier to imagine.  It is only when you get a look at some of the innovations Samsung is bringing to the table such as the Smart Window does this prophesy really seem like something that we’ll see in the next year or so.

The transparent touchscreen LCD can fit into a window of any size up to 46 inches and delivers a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.  The interactive window is allegedly going into production within the next month and while pricing information is not currently available.

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6 thoughts on “Samsung’s Smart Window

  1. This is awesome! There are so, so many cool ways to use this technology – I can’t wait until I can have one in my house.

    • Get ready for some insane sticker shock. If this device is truly ready to be incorporated into an interior/exterior opening I will be curious to see how that’s going to work. Can you imagine how upset you’ll be if one of the neighborhood kids hits a baseball through it!

      • Ooh, good point. Can we make it touch-screen, transparent AND baseball-proof? Or, if I was wealthy enough to afford one, I’d probably have some high-rise loft anyway.

      • It really does encourage a bit of a weird usage paradigm. I would imagine that people spend most of their time using computers either at a desk, on their couch, or laying in bed. I can’t quite picture someone standing at a (conventional) window for long periods of time even if it were a transparent LCD computer. I think the ultimate application (transparent desktop monitors?) is still undefined right now.

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