Tim Cook’s pay package

Tim Cook$378 million ($378,000,000)

What do you give the CEO of the world’s most influential and admired technology company for his partial first year on the job?  Start with a base salary of $900,000, throw in $376 million (yes, million) in restricted stock that vests over ten years, and top it off with the bragging rights as the highest paid U.S. CEO for 2011.  In fact, Tim Cook made more in 2011 than the next nine highest paid CEOs of 2010 combined.  Compared to Steve Jobs’ $1 per year salary and roughly $2.3 billion in stock (over the lifetime of his career with the firm), it seems like Mr. Cook is quite the bargain if he can keep up the growth Apple has enjoyed over the past 10 years.

Apple Grand Central Station store

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