Population density

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Tim De Chant runs a blog that, as of yesterday, celebrated its first anniversary.  The blog – Per Square Mile – focuses on what I find to be an incredibly interesting topic: population density.  Much like yesterday’s post about the Dencity project by Fathom, Tim’s blog explores the phenomena associated with how and why human beings come to be co-domiciled in areas of relatively high density versus those of relatively low density.  While I am simply interested in the subject, he is clearly fascinated (and for good reason) by the subject.

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So, allow me to wish Tim a happy anniversary and congratulate him on producing 72 posts which – for the most part – are insightful explorations into the data and psychology surrounding this fascinating topic.  My personal favorite post is entitled “If the world’s population lived in one city…” and compares the relative density of major metropolitan areas to the world population (6.9 billion when the post was written) in a very straightforward way.

Did you know that if everyone in the world were fit into a megalopolis with the same population density as New York City, it would neatly fit within Texas’ 250,404 square miles (648,544 square kilometers)?

Population density

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