Every 60 seconds on the Internet (part II)

Alice in Wonderland

1,820,000,000,000 (1,820 trillion)

As we discussed in yesterday’s post, dear Alice (of Wonderland) found it difficult to swallow the notion that the White Queen in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass pondered the impossible on a regular basis.  Given the incredible year that was 2011, it is only fitting that we wrap up with the second of two posts about the most amazing things that happen ever 60 seconds on the Internet.  

While yesterday’s commentary focused on the pursuit of information and human interconnections, today’s number represents the amount of data that is created every minute – 1,820 TB – on the Internet.  Again, it is hard not to imagine that when we look back on our notion of “big data” in 2011 that the term will seem a bit ironic.

60 seconds on the Internet (part II)

So as we, all indigenous cohabitants of planet Earth, close the doors on 2011 and look forward into 2012 and beyond, it is important that we embrace the unique curiosity and desire to change, thrive, and innovate that makes us uniquely human.  Moreover it is imperative that as we pursue these incredible inventions that we employ them not only to create wealth and power for the few, but to provide kindness and aid to our fellow man such that they too can aspire to something more than mere survival.

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