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On December 20th, the Pew Research Center released an insightful study (“Global Digital Communication: Texting, Social Networking Popular Worldwide”) about basic mobile phone usage across 21 countries.  When responding to the question “[o]n your cell phone, do you regularly…”  

  • Send text messages: 75%
  • Take pictures/video: 50%
  • Use the Internet: 23%

Cell phone usageThe question was asked only of those respondents who said they had a cell phone and was but one set of data points that were included in the study.  Other insights included:

“Texting is widespread in both wealthy nations and the developing world. In fact, it is most common among cell phone owners in two of the poorest nations surveyed: Indonesia and Kenya.

Many also use their mobile phones to take pictures or video. A median of 50% use their cell phones in this way in the 21 countries polled. Fully 72% of Japanese cell phone owners take pictures or video, as do roughly six-in-ten in Mexico (61%), Spain (59%) and Egypt (58%). Fewer users access the internet via cell phone, although more than four-in-ten mobile phone owners use their device to go online in Israel (47%), Japan (47%) and the United States (43%).

The survey by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project, conducted March 21 to May 15, also finds that social networking is popular in many nations around the globe. This is especially true in Israel (53%) and the U.S. (50%), where half or more say they use social networking websites. More than four-in-ten use these sites in Britain (43%), Russia (43%) and Spain (42%).”

Click here for the full survey report.

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