Mobile shopping dominance

Mobile shopping


Perhaps one of the most interesting statistics to cross my inbox this year is today’s data point.  Retail analysis firm RichRelevance recently released a study based on 3.4 billion shopping sessions between April and December 2011, during which Apple’s market share grew from 88% to 92%.  During the same period the average purchase value made on iOS devices was $123 versus $101 on Android and $87 on desktops.

Given that Google has been boasting over 500,000 Android activations daily, these numbers should be concerning for the search giant.  Logic suggests that despite the explosive growth of the Android platform, Apple’s customers are the ones driving the adoption of transformational business paradigms – in this case, mobile retail shopping.  It is terrific that Google’s partners are moving millions of Android handsets but it doesn’t appear that they’re using them to benefit retail advertisers and marketers.  Given that we’re at the tail end of the most important shopping season in the U.S., this might be an unpleasant revelation for those retailers who bet the farm on something other than Apple.

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