Social commerce psychology


For millennia the human mind has been seen as a complex puzzle whose mysteries are waiting to be understood by the fortunate few who can unlock them.  Some of the greatest thinkers humanity has every produced have committed their lives to this pursuit.  The interconnected nature of the Internet-powered world has added new complicating elements to the puzzle that have only intensified the search for enlightenment about why people act the way they do.

Thanks for the team at TabJuice we are now a tiny step closer to understanding how and why people leverage certain social commerce dynamics.  For example, 81% of shoppers receive advice from friends or family members via a social networking site about a potential purchase.  The infographic below is divided in to six sections – social proof, authority, scarcity, like, consistency, and reciprocity – that help demystify the world of social commerce and the human mind.  Eat your heart out Freud.

Social Commerce Psychology

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