Facebook for Android

Android Facebook DAU58.3 million (58,300,000)

For the first time since its launch in September 2009, the Facebook app for Android has surpassed the daily active users of the Facebook app for iPhone.  As of December 17 the Android app captured 58.3 million users while the users of Facebook’s iPhone app totaled 900,000 less or 57.4 million users.  The iPhone platform still boasts more monthly active users (99.1 million versus 85.4 million for fans of the cute little robot), although most analysts agree that the daily statistics are more critical as they’re a better measure of stickiness.

iPhone Facebook DAUGiven that over half a million new Android devices are activated every day and that Facebook’s new Timeline feature is available on Android and not iPhone, one should expect that Google’s lead over Apple will only grow.

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