Apple’s share of mobile advertising

Apple iAd15%

Launched last year and touted by Apple’s then CEO the late (great) Steve Jobs, iAd was supposed to be their answer to Google’s AdMob mobile advertising platform.  With a relatively complicated and inflexible pricing schema, iAd confused and upset advertisers – all of whom initially had to commit to $1 million in advertising spend, although that number was dropped to $500,000 shortly thereafter.  Despite the popularity of the iPhone and iPad, the affordability and ease-of-use of Google’s platform has allowed the search giant to continue leading the pack.  According IDC data quoted in an article posted yesterday on The Wall Street Journal, Google’s market share of the $630 million mobile advertising market stands at 24% while Apple enjoys a healthy 15% ($95 million).  That said, not everyone is sold on the idea that Apple’s initial foray into the advertising world was completely successful:

“Apple said, ‘Let’s try to disrupt the advertising business.’ On this one, they didn’t succeed,” says Alexandre Mars, head of mobile for Publicis Groupe SA. “They know that they need to adapt themselves now if they want to survive – even if it is Apple.”

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