Social media marketing dilemma


While social media is all the rage, marketers are are still struggling to incorporate social into their larger strategies in a meaningful way, according to “The Variance in the Social Brand Experience” by the CMO Council.  The report – which is available for download here – provides feedback from more than 1,300 consumers and 132 senior marketing executives.  Respondents stated that they engage with brands through a variety of social mechanisms including:

  • Enter promotions/contests or to play games (65%)
  • To learn about new products and services (55%)
  • Share positive experiences (32%)
  • Connect with other fans (25%)

Despite these promising numbers, marketers have come clean about their current approach to social marketing being little more than loosely related to their broader strategy (20%) or where they have had some strategic plans in place, there has been a failure in the execution (23%).  That said, marketers are in agreement about one thing – that social marketing is driving a re-prioritization of current activities across the board (80%).

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