Global food production


According to a snappy new video developed by the World Wildlife Fund, roughly one-third of the world’s landmass is currently being used to produce food to feed the more than 7 billion occupants (some significantly better than others). By 2050 this number is supposed to double (66%) and with it come a number of challenges, not the least of which is the harsh reality that we simply might not have enough non-urbanized, arable land to support the population based on current food production techniques and technologies.

On 15-August I wrote a piece about the spikes and general upward trend of food prices driving social unrest around the world. Based on the projection that the non-peak inflation adjusted price index for food will permanently cross a tipping point in Aug-2013, we can expect more frequent food riots (particularly in the developing nations) which is particularly troubling based on the insights in the WWF’s video below.

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